Watch rap star Blakie test out a new kind of track

February 18, 2019

It takes some serious speed and precision to keep up with energetic MC and music producer Blakie.

That’s why we teamed up with the 21-year old “Can’t see them” and “Bare Energy EP” star for a new film that demonstrates the agility of our new Focus ST performance car.

Shot over three days on location at our test track in Lommel, Belgium, the film shows Londoner Blakie perform his track “Jump” from the passenger seat of the Focus ST – developed by the specialists at Ford Performance.

Sophisticated technologies including selectable Drive Modes help the car keep pace in a race with the rapper as he chops and changes his rhythms and tempos.

Blakie even free-styled his lyrics especially for the film, to give them a unique Focus ST twist.

“Having a film made to a track I wrote in my bedroom was amazing – my mum drives a Ford so she’ll be really happy,” said Blakie. “I loved working with an amazing driver and experiencing the adrenaline of the Focus ST on a test track.”