Welcome to Chez Car Park

July 11, 2016

From cooking in a two-star Michelin restaurant to serving just a few people every night – in a car park – might seem a fall from grace, if those people weren’t the Team Sky riders.

Norwegian chef Henrik Orre’s father and brother were both national champion cyclists, and now he helps make sure riders including Chris Froome get just the right things to eat, at just the right time, as they compete in the Tour de France.


It’s an early start and a late finish for Henrik, aboard the team truck that serves as both kitchen and restaurant, and that each day accompanies the team to their next hotel, setting up camp in the car park.


So what is the Team Sky recipe for success?

“There’s always rice, pasta, quinoa and potatoes available for every dinner and then we do two sorts of protein; either fish or chicken, or fish or red meat – depending on what kind of stage there is the day after,” said Henrik.

Ford is Team Sky’s exclusive supplier of cars and vans. The Team Sky fleet includes the Ford Mustang,  Mondeo Estate, Mondeo 5-door, S-MAX, Edge, and Transit models.