When Fords Could Fly

June 22, 2017

Right now the world’s aircraft makers have gathered for the biennial Paris Air Show with multi-billion dollar deals for new airliners taking place and hundreds of new technology reveals including virtual reality based flight simulators.

But did you know that between 1925 to 1933 we branched out into commercial aviation? Under founder Henry Ford’s direction we created  the Ford Trimotor – one of the very first airliners, of which 199 were sold and flown. Trimotors were affordable, rugged, reliable and easily serviced just about anywhere; a bit like a Model T for the sky.

Trimotors were used by airlines like PanAm, were flown by aviation heroes like Amelia Earhart, transported President Roosevelt and even featured in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom movie.

While we may not make planes anymore, we regularly apply advanced aerospace materials and aerodynamics to everything we do, from our family cars to the Ford GT supercar, whose patent-pending rear wing changes shape like an aircraft wing to increase downforce. And who knows what we’ll be doing in the future; flying cars perhaps?