White is the New Black for Car Colours in the U.K. and in Europe

May 2, 2014

Once the preserve of wedding cars and vans, white is now the colour of choice for motorists in the U.K. and across Europe.

That’s according to a study of new car buying habits that is based on more than 500,000 Ford vehicle purchases in the past year.

All white now

Ford Car Buying Trends 2014 reveals that white has leapt to the top spot from sixth place just five years ago.

Across Europe, white is most popular in Turkey, where it is chosen by more than half of all new car buyers.

Overall, black is second and grey third. In fact, only in Ireland, Poland and Romania is a colour other than white, black, or grey the top choice – silver.

The estate of the nation

In the U.K. three-door Fiesta models have taken a lead over five-door versions of the best-selling supermini, while estate versions of the Mondeo have increased in popularity by 50 per cent in the past decade.

In Europe as a whole, most car buyers choose five-door models, then estates, followed by four-door versions. Mondeo and Focus estates actually come out top in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Bring me sunshine

Maybe if you live somewhere with plenty of sun you might take the good weather for granted more than we do in the U.K. – which could explain why drivers in Spain, Italy and Greece are among the least likely to specify a sunroof on their new car.

Then it is perhaps no surprise that sunroofs are most popular in Norway, France and Germany.

Power of choice

Petrol tops diesel for drivers across Europe and the majority still prefer to make shift gears with a manual stick rather than an automatic ‘box.

Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany top the list of countries where drivers buy the most technology that pays off on road trips.

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