You call that an app?

May 21, 2015

Covering an area 30 times the size of the U.K. – but with less than half the population –Australia can pose a unique challenge for drivers.

Much of Australia consists of desert and what is known as the Outback, a rugged area with sand dunes, dirt and gravel roads and a lack of much else. An area where flora and fauna strive to survive in a beautiful yet unforgiving landscape.

You won’t believe the distance from town-to-town and from one petrol station to the next.  And breaking down? Let’s not even go there.

Step forward our Innovate Mobility Series – that invites entrepreneurs and developers to help find solutions to mobility issues around the world.

To date, the series has generated potential solutions to parking in London, delivering healthcare in India, reducing traffic congestion in some of China’s most densely populated cities, and improving the delivery of goods and services in Portugal.

We are now asking developers worldwide to help come up with innovative solutions that might make crossing areas such as the Outback a little easier. This might include helping drivers stay on the move in remote areas where assistance is limited, or increasing self-sufficiency in the event of electrical failure, dangerous road conditions and bad weather.

Ford will award USD $15,000 in prizes, including $10,000 for the winner. The challenge, which is accepting submissions until June 14, is part of Ford Smart Mobility, our plan to help change the way the world moves by solving today’s growing transportation challenges.

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Image credit: Marc Dalmulder / Flickr