You Drive Me Crazy

February 12, 2015

Valentine’s Day can be emotional. And we’re not just talking love – there’s stress, heartbreak, jealousy and rejection to deal with too!

However you’re planning to spend the big day, we hope a few of the little Valentine’s gifts we’ve prepared – just for you – will put a smile on your face.

First up – three little words. No, not the ones you were thinking of. Mustang, prank, and speed-dating. Find out why this video has gone viral now.

Thought finding a partner was tough? How about finding the right car? Hang on though, maybe they’re not so very different after all …

Valentine's in order 7 big -01


It’s not just people who have a hard time with romance. Check out the vines below for an insight into the world of love – for crash test dummies.

Part I
  Part II Part III

And finally, on the subject of passion, desire, and longing… we’d love a Mustang for Valentine’s Day!

Mustang kiss


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