You won a fuel efficiency challenge with what?

October 30, 2014

People associate hot hatches with a lot of things – but being frugal when it comes to fuel? Not so much.

The Fiesta ST is the fastest-ever Fiesta. It can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds – fast enough to leave many more expensive cars struggling to catch up.

Even so, according to official figures it can be expected to achieve a highly respectable 47.9 mpg.

Fuel Efficiency Marathon Metric

Pretty impressive, though perhaps even more impressive is that at a recent fuel efficiency challenge a Fiesta ST returned 75.7 mpg.

That was enough to claim the “Best Improvement” prize at the ALD Automotive/Fleet World MPG Marathon, awarded for exceeding the official figure by the biggest margin on the 307-mile circular route through the south of England and Wales.

So who was it that brought out the most environmentally friendly side of our Fiesta ST hot hatch? A couple of seasoned eco-warriors doing their best Driving Miss Daisy impression to eke out the fuel – or a pair of fresh-faced racing drivers driving in accordance with the Highway code?

If you guessed the racing drivers – you are right.

Harrison Scott 18, and Louise Richardson 21, may be more used to getting their kicks from going as fast as they can, but they are very familiar with the 1.6-litre petrol EcoBoost engine under the bonnet of the Fiesta ST. It also powers their regular ride, a Formula Ford racing car.

So what was their secret? Any tips to share?

“The Fiesta ST is a seriously quick car but if you ease off and carefully optimise all of its fuel-efficient capabilities, it’s surprising just how little fuel it consumes,” Scott said, after the pair become the youngest ever winners of the award.

“We simply employed fuel-efficient driving techniques that anyone can use,” Scott added. “For a start, just as in everyday driving, try to avoiding harsh braking or sudden acceleration. It makes more of a difference than you might think.”

MPG WINNER Improve Car 2014

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