YouTube stars as you’ve never heard them before

December 12, 2016

Singers Hobbie Stuart and Ebony Day have racked up millions of YouTube views for their video blogs, original songs and covers. But how would they sound in our specially designed acoustic test laboratories that do weird things to what you hear?

Both were intrigued to find out and made the trip to our Acoustic Centre in Cologne, Germany, as part of our #GoCreate challenge.


Hobbie, who made a big impression on the X Factor last year, performed self-penned tune “Someone to Love You”. Ebony, who won MTV’s 2013 Brand New Artist competition, also played an original song – ”August Sun”.

For his performance, Hobbie chose the Reverberation Room. Sounds there produce a powerful echo, partly because of a room design that ensures no one wall is parallel to another wall – and that sounds, wherever you are in the room, whether standing in the middle or in a corner, are exactly the same.


That’s great for helping to identify the source of any unwanted noise that we can address as part of vehicle development – and great for a unique sound for Hobbie’s video.

You can also see how, without noise reduction techniques, a vehicle body shell can act as a giant speaker, first with a tiny music box and then using a recording of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

For her video, Ebony strums an acoustic guitar and sings as she walks through the Reverberation Room as well as other parts of the Acoustic Centre.


This includes the Anechoic Chamber – a room designed to create the exact opposite experience of the Reverberation Room. It is so heavily soundproofed that there is no echo. Again, very useful in the development of cars for which the sound experienced inside is a key part of the comfort we offer to customers. Stay too long it can even make you feel sea sick.


The clip closes with Ebony placing her guitar in the back of our Edge Vignale SUV.

#GoCreate offers artists and performers access to our facilities to help them create something new.

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